E-Cigarettes – A Dream Come True For Many

This past Christmas,E-Cigarettes – A Dream Come True For Many Articles people all over the world were being bought something that you’d never expect to be wrapped up as a Christmas present: cigarettes.

Well, let’s elaborate. They had friends or family that had the idea to buy electronic cigarette kits as presents. Although unconventional, the recipients were probably not that surprised. People all over the world that were previously smokers of tobacco cigarettes are now starting to buy electronic cigarette merchandise in place of real cigarettes because of the many benefits that are included. Not only do smokers get to continue getting nicotine doses from nicotine filled e-juice, they’re also able to smoke anywhere they want without anyone smelling anything. Since nothing is being burned when “smoking”, or as it’s often called, “vaping”, e-cigarettes don’t actually let off any smoke: all they let off is a water vapor at the end, and they simply inhale the nicotine infused e-juice vapor, which is another perk. The e-juice can be bought in varying strengths of nicotine, and can also be bought in flavors like chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, cherry, and more. There is even e-juice sold that is flavored like maple syrup!

Long time cigarette smokers that have switched to e-cigarettes are pleased with their decision most of the time. Never did they think they’d be able to smoke without bothering someone with the smell, nor did loose leaf wraps they think they could ever smoke without having all of the health risks associated. Friends and family who decided to buy electronic cigarette gifts for their smoker friends or relatives were giving a gift that literally keeps on giving: smokers only need to buy electronic cigarette supplies every once in awhile, versus having to go by the store everyday for a pack of cigarettes. E-cigarettes run off of a battery, which powers an atomizer, which turns the e-juice into a vapor. A cartridge holds the e-juice, and you can buy refillable cartridges and disposable cartridges, so if one decides to buy electronic cigarette cartridges that are refillable, all they have to keep in stock is e-juice, and if they buy disposable ones, they just have to keep disposable cartridges on hand. Either kind will end up lasting up to sometimes over 500 puffs, definitely more than pack of cigarettes will last.

E-cigarettes may be something that more people will begin to un-wrap come Christmas, they’re only increasing in popularity, and at the rate they’re going, real ones will soon be obsolete.